The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri exists to promote the commercial success of biodiesel in Missouri.

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  • Talking Biodiesel Myths with MissouriNet

    We’ve all heard at least one myth about biodiesel, from hearsay about poor quality to gossip about warranties. Matt Amick, executive director for the coalition, sat down with Tom Steever to set the record straight. Hear the clips from their conversation

  • Biodiesel – Managing for Profit

    The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri’s Matt Amick was featured on Brownfield Ag News’ Managing for Profit series, highlighting the economic opportunities biodiesel provides at the farm level, and for local ag cooperatives. When farmers do well, so

  • Missouri Soybean Story: The Birth of Biodiesel

    Since 1991, the biodiesel industry has grown nationally through the research and promotion efforts of the soybean industry and its partners. In the early 1990s, Missouri soybean growers were leading the way in biodiesel research, partnering with agricultural


Missouri Biodiesel Infrastructure

7 Biodiesel Plants

19 Biodiesel Distributors

104 Biodiesel Retailers: Blends B6-B20

187 Biodiesel Retailers: Blends <= B5

*Missouri Soybean Association (Updated September 2020)

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