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New Leadership for Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri

Jefferson City’s Matt Amick to lead education and development work as executive director.

Matt Amick

The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri is moving into its third year with new leadership, naming Matt Amick of Jefferson City executive director. Amick, a well-known figure among those working with renewable fuels in Missouri, brings grassroots experience and strong relationships across industry, along with a passion for education.

“We’re really at a crossroads for biodiesel in the Show-Me State. There are great opportunities ahead, and the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri is well positioned to help Missouri move from being an exporter of biodiesel, to using what we produce – capturing those economic and environmental benefits for all Missourians,” Amick said. “It’s exciting to look toward that bright future and I greatly appreciate the Coalition members’ support as we move forward.”

The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri provides technical support and educational resources for all involved with biodiesel, from guidance on on-farm and retail fuel storage to in-person and virtual trainings for distributors and drivers.

Amick currently serves as the Missouri Soybean Association’s director of biofuels and new uses, and previously worked with farmers and industry leaders on behalf of the Missouri Corn Growers Association. Tony Stafford, who has guided the Coalition as its executive director since its formation in 2018, will continue to work with the Coalition, serving in an advisory role.

“The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri began as a working group, focused on raising awareness of biodiesel and its opportunities for Missouri,” said James Greer, the Coalition’s chairman. “As we’ve grown, biodiesel education has been our top priority. We look forward to continuing that work with producers, industry and policymakers through new, interactive resources and partnerships to grow biodiesel infrastructure and demand across Missouri.”

Missouri currently produces roughly 200 million gallons of biodiesel each year, supporting more than 2,600 jobs.

Compared to petroleum-based diesel fuel, biodiesel has lower emissions – 86 percent fewer lifecycle greenhouse gases, 47 percent less particulate matter and 67 percent less hydrocarbon emissions. It is the only renewable fuel to have fully completed the health effects testing requirements of the Clean Air Act. Biodiesel also offers consumers a less toxic choice at the pump. Consumers with diesel vehicles can not only contributed to increased air quality by choosing biodiesel, they can also take comfort in knowing biodiesel is less toxic than table salt, and if spilled, biodegrades as fast as sugar.

The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri works to support the commercial success of biodiesel across Missouri, growing opportunities for all involved in production and distribution, as well as those who use biodiesel, from farmers and biodiesel producers, to fuel distributors and drivers. Learn more online at missouribiodiesel.org.

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